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How to recognize depression in others


Many people with depression try to hide it. They often don’t even know what is wrong with themselves, so it’s not on purpose. But there are some signs you can look for if you are worried that someone you know might be in trouble.

They Are Tired All the Time

– If you have a friend or family member who plans to do things with you and then cancels a lot because they are tired (or they make other excuses), and this is going on for a long period of time, you might want to suspect depression.


– Someone who hasn’t normally been an angry person who turns angry and irritable may be suffering from depression. Instead of cutting them off due to their behavior, offer a helping hand.

Overly Emotional

– Many people who experience depression are being overly emotional over everything that is happening. They are easily brought to anger, sadness, crying, and overreaction to anything that is going on.

They Complain about Sleeping Issues

– If you know someone who is suffering from insomnia, or who is always sleeping and avoiding everything, pay attention to how long it lasts as they may be suffering from depression.

They Are Gaining a Lot of Weight Fast

– Many people who are dealing with depression either can’t eat and lose weight, or they self-medicate with food and gain a lot of weight. If you know anyone who has gained or lost a substantial amount of weight quickly, you may want to inquire further as to what is going on if you’re close enough to them.

They’re Abusing Drugs or Alcohol

– A lot of depressed people self-medicate so if you have any loved ones who are doing this, investigate and talk to them. Offer your support and help.

They Don’t Want Sex

– This is something to watch in your spouse. If your spouse, who normally liked a healthy sex life suddenly doesn’t want sex anymore, then there is a huge possibility that they’re feeling worthless and depressed.

They Are in Pain Physically

– While many times the physical pain is an actual physical illness, depression can manifest physically too. If your loved one is experiencing undiagnosed body pain, it could be depression.

They May Be Self-Harming

– This could manifest in drinking, drug use, and eating too much, but it can also be things like cutting or trying to kill themselves.

When you recognize these issues in people you know, don’t diagnose them. Instead, offer support. Tell them how you feel about them and how important they are to you. If they do open up to you, encourage them to seek professional help. Educate yourself about depression so that you can help more.


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