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What is mental illness ? – And how does it affects the children at home?

What Is Mental Illness

What is mental illness ? – And how does it affects the children at home?

About every third person will at some point in life experience mental illness, mental problems or symptoms. 2-4 children in each class have a father or mother who is suffering from mental illness.

A psychiatric diagnosis is really just a name for a group of symptoms that usually occur together and thus constitute a particular mental illness or condition. Diagnosis is not something you are – it’s the name of a disease you have. You are not ‘schizophrenic’, you are you. It applies to all mental illnesses that the earlier you get treatment, the better the prospects are. It is therefore important to go to the doctor if you have symptoms of some mental illness. However, some diseases or developmental disorders are persistent, but here too, early attention and support can make a difference and increase the quality of life.

Being affected by a mental illness has a bearing on parenting ability. It is difficult for a parent to give one’s child the care you want when the mental illness are there. It can be difficult to create the presence and the security that the child needs, and it can be difficult to create a structured everyday life and good common experiences – not because you do not want to, but because the disease makes you unable to.

Growing up in a home where there are mental illness.

Children may feel when their parents are wrong and therefore children are also affected when their parents are affected by a mental illness. How much the disease affects the child depends on a number of factors; including the nature and severity of the disease, how long, it depends on how old the child is when the disease breaks out, and how the network around the family is. But no matter what, the disease always affect the child, and it is important that the child is talking to someone about it, otherwise the child may feel very lonely and misunderstood. Children may also think it is their fault that their mother or father has had mental illness, and sometimes they fell pain in their head or stomach because they worry about their parents. Being a relative can also affect the child’s concentration in school. The child can get learning difficulties, or they will be in conflict with other children and adults.

Children who grow up in a family where there is mental illness, often have very long ”antennas” as they want to be at the ahead of situations that may occur. They often worry about their parents and sometimes the disease can fill so much that the child’s needs are not seen, or heard at all. Therefore, children who are relatives are particularly in need of adults, who dare to talk to them about how they are – it helps them to master their life situation and it gives them a sense of being seen and recognized.

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