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How to help someone that is having a panic attack

Panic Attack

In the last post I talked about the effects of panic attacks, so that you could gain a better understand of them. In this post I´m are going to talk about how to help someone that is having a panicattack.

As I discussed in the last post, panic attacks often occur to anyone without warning. So whenever someone has an attack, it is important that you know what to do.

I also know from my last post, during an attack, a person may experience many different symptoms including and increased heartbeat or palpitation, chest pain, hyperventilation or shortness of breath and so on.

What can you do ?

If a person is experiencing an attack for the first time it is important to seek emergency medical help as quickly as possible.

You will want to identify the cause of the symptoms and rule out more life threatening conditions as soon as possible. Keep in mind that shortness of breath or hyperventilation may be a signal of asthma. Chest pain, raised heartbeat or palpitation and sweating may be a heart attack.

That is why it’s vital to speak to the person and confirm if the symptoms are caused by other medical conditions. Once doubtful, seek out a certified health care professional.

While waiting for help do your best to find the cause of attack. Once you have established the trigger or cause of the panic attack, then remove the person from it.

Don’t make an assumption about what the person needs. A person who is suffering from an attack may know exactly what to do or have medications which will get them through the attack, so it is best to ask.

Don’t surprise or startle the person having an attack. Be predictable with your movements. Don’t grab, hold or restrain them throughout the attack. stay calm and keep them as calm as possible.

Reassure the person that everything is going to be fine, but don’t dismiss their fear by saying “it’s all in your mind” or “don’t worry about it” or “you are overreacting.” Take note that the fear is very real to the victim, so it dismissing the fear has no effect and can even make the matter worse.

Help them to control their breathing. Many people breathe heavily throughout an attack; others hold their breath. using deep breathing technique is a very effective way to purge the symptoms of a panic attack in addition as calm the patient down.

Guide the person and tell them to breathe in for three slow counts. Then ask them to hold their breath for three slow counts and exhale for another three slow counts. do that several times till the person is calm.

You can also advice them to breathe into a paper bag. This way, they will re-breathe their carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide helps correct the blood acid level that had been disturbed by excessive breathing. But be careful when using paper bags since they may trigger another fear.

Stay with the person throughout their ordeal. Never leave a person especially if he is having difficulty in breathing. Be patient, they’ll maybe act rude or unfriendly, however bear in mind that it’s temporary and that they will return to normal as shortly as the attack is over.

Don’t forget that for the person, the thoughts and feeling are real. Reassure them that help is on the way. Never allow them to do things that will put their life at risk.

Make sure you look for my next post soon. I will be talking about some different ways that you can handle an anxiety attack.


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5 thoughts on “How to help someone that is having a panic attack

  1. Panic attacks are not kidding mental health issues. However, many who experience the ill effects of panic attacks carry on without looking for treatment. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders affect 40 million individuals in the US each year. With such a significant number of individuals affected by panic attacks, it’s reasonable you know someone who has panic attacks, or you’ve encountered or them yourself.

  2. Panic attacks are dramatic, and you may feel befuddled about what to do to assist the sufferer. This article will experience all that you have to know. To begin, the article will plot what a panic attack is and what causes them. At that point, steps will be sketched out to help you understand how you can best aid a man experiencing a panic attack.

  3. A panic attack is a sudden surge of anxiety and fear, and extraordinary manifestation of a battle or flight reaction. The sufferer’s body enters a state where it is ready to act fast against a looming threat, in spite of there being no real danger introduce.

  4. Thanks for share. Panic attacks are frequently activated by a situation, individual, or thing associated with profound sentiments of anxiety or fear. For example, a fear of rolling over extensions, speaking out in the open, or being around puppies may trigger a panic. An episode can happen regardless of whether these fears have not set off an actual panic attack previously. However, an attack normally happens when these triggers are joined with a negative or unpleasant situation.

  5. Do assure them there is nothing to be afraid of. Someone experiencing a panic attack will probably find it a lot harder to rationalize the fact that there’s no real reason to be panicking, that’s the sad truth. Remind them they are completely safe and that you are there to help them through this.
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