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You are the only you on this earth. I am the only me….Thoughts from a friend

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You are the only you on this earth. i am the only me. and i think that’s the coolest thing about us.

because of this, we need to take time to figure ourselves out. we realize quickly if we like to wake up early, what foods we enjoy, or what clothing is most comfortable to us. but it takes time to figure out our mind.

what makes us sad? what are our fears? anxieties? how do we cope with stress?

the best way to learn about your mind, in my opinion, is meditation. and before you click off thinking this is a waste of your time, know that i thought the same thing. and then i seriously tried it. i used Headpsace to help me organize my thoughts. i would jog in the park, then lay in the grass afterward listening to the ten minute meditations, soaking up extra sun and focusing on my breathing. their animation told me to look at our mind like a clear blue sky. serene. bright. happy.

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes there are alot more clouds in the sky. Sometimes they might be the dark and stormy variety…It gets to the point that it’s hard to think of anything else…Sometimes we get so obssessed by the clouds, that we forget about the blue sky altogther. But it’s still there.

– Headspace

and this video convinced me that meditation is not a waste of time. sometimes we have loud minds, and it helps when we learn how to accept and process our thoughts. meditation is not meant to be rigid. it is not meant to be hard concentration. it is meant to be a time dedicated to you. for you.

whether it’s a brief breathing session, or a thought asking yourself, how am i doing right now? . recognize how you are feeling, and accept that state of mind, regardless of what you think. do this as often as possible. your mind could use a rest.

once you try to understand why you feel the way you feel, or even just identifying what you feel, you’re gaining a better understanding of how your mind functions.

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