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What you can do if you’re partner is suffering from depression


It can be very difficult dealing with a partner who is depressed. You may feel completely helpless and not sure how to act. But, there are some things you can do to help them and yourself cope.

Be Patient

– You must tell yourself many times that you’re not angry at your partner for their behavior, you’re angry with depression on behalf of your partner. It’s honestly not their fault, even though at times their actions make you feel it is. Instead, call on your resources to develop more patience.

It’s Not You

– It’s important to realize that if your spouse is denying sex to you, it’s not about you, it’s about them. They are having trouble feeling worthwhile and when you feel worthless it’s hard to be aroused enough for sex. It’s a paradox, because likely sex would make them feel better. However, don’t pressure them and understand it’s not you.

Seek Counseling

– Not only should your partner be in counseling to help them deal with their depression, you should be in counseling too. Counseling will help you deal with their depression and how it affects you. Couple’s counseling, in addition, won’t hurt either.

Be Open

– If your spouse needs to moan about their day at work, allow for it. Don’t offer advice or how to fix the problem. Simply listen. Then when they’re done, move on to something else. Also, don’t hide the condition from family members and children. Tell each person only what they need to know based on their age, but enough so that they know they’re not at fault.

Be Open to the Good Times

– Often depression does come and go. People who are depressed will have good days. Don’t hold on to those bad days. Let the day go well and hold on to those good times.

Encourage Physical Activity

– When the weather is permitting, ask your partner to go on a walk with you. Act like it’s just for you. The fresh air and the sunshine will be good for them, and holding hands while walking never hurt.

Take Up Healthy Cooking

– Even if you’re not the cook in the family, a healthier diet can go far in helping deal with vitamin deficiencies which can make people feel depressed. Focus on high nutrition but make it taste good too. Use mostly plant-based organic ingredients.


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